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Games from Sunday, July 24; Playoff Update

Cole Wagner (Georgia)

Our second-to-last day of the regular season!


  • Staunton 9, Covington 7; In a game that meant absolutely nothing (to the standings), Staunton hangs on for the win… Marty Neal scored the winning run as the designated hitter, and then saved the game on the mound… and a ton of guys played positions they weren’t used to. Staunton ends at 16-26, Covington at 19-23. Staunton goes home, Covington prepares for the playoffs as the #4 seed in the South.
  • Waynesboro 7, Charlottesville 4 (10 innings) (Game 1): Waynesboro passes Charlottesville in the standings for the moment at 25-15; Charlottesville falls to 25-16… and they play one more….
  • Woodstock 10, Winchester 2: Woodstock clinches the North division with this win; Royals fall into a tie for the time being with Front Royal for the last playoff spot. Tomas Sanchez hit his league-leading 10th home run.
  • Purcellville 4, Harrisonburg 3 (8 innings) (Game 1): Cannons scored twice in the bottom of the seventh to tie it up, then scored in the bottom of the eighth to win it, thanks to a Ryne Guida RBI single. This dropped the Turks into a tie for first in the South with Waynesboro in between games…
  • Purcellville 2, Harrisonburg 1 (Game 2): Mikey Brinton and Jose Torres hit solo home runs to send the Cannons to a doubleheader sweep of the Turks. Cannons are 19-21; Turks fall to 25-16. See below for playoff scenarios!
  • Woodstock 4, Strasburg 2: No implication in the standings. Bandits are 27-15; Express 22-19.
  • Front Royal 9, New Market 2: Cardinals move an entire game in front of Winchester, and technically clinch the final North playoff spot at 15-26; New Market falls to 19-22. Again, see below.
  • Charlottesville 18, Waynesboro 9: Charlottesville clinched the first seed and a share of the South Division title with this annihilation. (The winner of the Harrisonburg-Waynesboro game tomorrow will also be 26-16, but Charlottesville has a winning head-to-head record against both.)

Hitter of the Day

The HOD, again, is Charlottesville’s Cole Wagner, from Georgia, who went 3-6, with two runs, five RBIs, a walk, and two doubles in he second game of C-ville’s doubleheader against Waynesboro. He’s had an excellent regular season, slashing .361/.473/.580 in 119 at-bats, with 12 doubles, a triple, four home runs, 34 RBIs, and an excellent 21/19 BB/K ratio.

Others of Note

  • Nicolas Rodriguez, Staunton: 2-4, two runs, two RBIs, walk, triple
  • Carlos Pineyro, Covington: 3-5, two runs, three stolen bases
  • Carlos Castillo, Covington: 3-5, two runs, three RBIs, double, three stolen bases
  • Gavin Baird, Covington: 4-5, RBI, double
  • John Montes, Waynesboro: 2-5, two RBIs, walk (Gm 1)
  • Kasey Caras, Waynesboro: 3-5, two runs, four RBIs, double (Gm 1)
  • Carter Cunningham, Charlottesville: 3-5, run, three RBIs, home run (Gm 1)
  • Christian Ficca, Harrisonburg: 1-2, two walks
  • Tucker Lemay, Purcellville: 2-2, walk (Gm 2)
  • Henry Koehler, Strasburg: 2-3, run, walk
  • Reed Garris, Strasburg: 1-2, RBI, two walks
  • Kyle Ashworth, Woodstock: 2-3, RBI, walk, stolen base
  • Jack Spyke, Woodstock: 1-2, RBI, two walks
  • Broedy Poppell, Front Royal: 3-4, two runs, RBI, two walks, two stolen bases
  • Trent Jeffcoat, Front Royal: 2-5, run, RBI, HBP, stolen base
  • Christian Campbell, Front Royal: 1-3, two walks
  • Jeffery Lonon, Front Royal: 2-4, run, RBI, walk
  • Brennan Chisholm, Front Royal: 1-1, run, two walks, HBP
  • Christian Martin, Charlottesville: 2-6, three runs, RBI, walk
  • Carter Cunningham, Charlottesville: 3-5, three runs, two walks
  • Garrett Spikes, Charlottesville: 2-4, two runs, four RBIs, two HBPs, home run, stolen base
  • Michael Prevesk, Charlottesville: 3-5, run, three RBIs, walk, double
  • Caleb Cali, Waynesboro: 3-4, two runs, RBI, walk, three doubles
  • Jalen Vasquez, Waynesboro: 1-3, two runs, four RBIs, two walks, home run

Pitcher of the Day

Making his summer debut, the POD is Charlottesville’s Shane Stossel, who threw 5 2/3 innings and gave up one hit, no runs, walked six, and struck out eight. He earned the win and a game score of 67. He’s a junior from Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pennsylvania.

Others of Note

  • Jacob Matheney, Staunton: Three innings, three hits, no runs, no walks, three K’s
  • Marty Neal, Staunton: Two innings, no hits, no runs, one walk, two K’s, save
  • Henry Hardie, Waynesboro: Five innings, three hits, one run, no walks, four K’s (GS: 61) (Gm 1)
  • JD Price, Waynesboro: Four innings, two hits, one unearned run, three walks, three K’s, win (Gm 1)
  • Chandler Martin, Charlottesville: Two innings, one hit, no runs, no walks, three K’s (Gm 1)
  • Wyatt Lunsford-Shenkman, Charlottesville: Two innings, two hits, no runs, one walk, one K (Gm 1)
  • John Snyder, Woodstock: Six innings, five hits, one run, two walks, four K’s, win (GS: 60)
  • Brett Zerbel, Winchester: Five innings, three hits, one run, one walk, three K’s (GS: 59)
  • Jabbari Smith, Purcellville: Two innings, two hits, no runs, no walks, three K’s (Gm 1)
  • Jordan Armstrong, Harrisonburg: Five innings, four hits, one run, one walk, five K’s (GS: 59) (Gm 1)
  • DJ Burke, Purcellville: Three innings, four hits, no runs, no walks, two K’s (Gm 2)
  • Dalton Ross, Purcellville: Four innings, five hits, one run, two walks, four K’s, win (Gm 2)
  • Hunter Smith, Woodstock: Two innings, no hits, no runs, three walks, three K’s
  • Evan Byers, New Market: Two innings, one hit, no runs, two walks, three K’s
  • Bryce Fisher, Front Royal: Five innings, two hits, two unearned runs, no earned runs, two walks, six K’s, win (GS: 63)
  • Tyler Greenleaf, Front Royal: Three innings, three hits, no runs, one walk, two K’s
  • Daniel Batcher, Waynesboro: Two inning, no hits, no runs, two walks, two K’s

Today’s Games

  • Winchester at Woodstock- Winchester has forfeited this game to Woodstock. It will not be played.
  • Winchester (Thompson) at Purcellville (TBD), 7 PM
  • Strasburg (Sharp) at Front Royal (Schultz), 7 PM
  • Waynesboro (Harley) at Harrisonburg (TBD), 7:30 PM

Playoff Update

The playoffs will begin immediately after the regular season, which is slated to end on Monday, July 25 (also known as “today”) The top four from each Division advance, with first place playing fourth, and second place playing third, etc. All series are best of three.


  1. Woodstock: 27-15, division champs, first seed in the playoffs
  2. Strasburg: 22-19, one game remaining, second seed
  3. Purcellville: 19-21, with one game remaining. Has clinched the third seed for the playoffs.
  4. New Market: 19-22, finished regular season. New Market has chosen to not participate in the playoffs.
  5. Front Royal: 15-26, one game left. Front Royal has clinched the fourth seed in the North. Even if Cards lose and Royals win Monday, FR holds the tiebreaker (3-3 head-to-head, but FR is 3-3 vs Woodstock, while Winchester is 1-6.)
  6. Winchester: 14-27, one game remaining, eliminated from playoffs.


  1. Charlottesville: 26-16, finished. Clinched a share of the South title; will be #1 seed in the playoffs because of winning record against BOTH Waynesboro and Harrisonburg.
  2. Harrisonburg: 25-16, one game left

Waynesboro: 25-16, one game left- winner of Way at Harr Monday will determine #2 and #3 seeds, which will play each other in the first round of the playoffs. So the Monday game just tells us who has home field advantage in the first round.

4. Covington: 19-23, finished, clinched the fourth seed in the South.

5. Staunton: 16-26, done. Eliminated from playoff contention.


  • If two or more teams are tied for first place they will be designated co-champions of the Division
  • For seeding, head-to-head record will be used first, then head-to-head against the top team in the Division, and so on.