Valley League Baseball

  • Waynesboro Generals


    Woodstock River Bandits

    R. Bandits

    7:00 PM

  • Charlottesville TomSox


    Woodstock River Bandits

    R. Bandits

    7:00 PM

Player Inquiries

Interested in Playing in the Valley League?

The Valley League is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that directs and coordinates 11 teams in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The VBL has been named one of the top leagues in the country by Baseball America.

With hundreds of player inquiries each season, the VBL has roster spots for roughly 340 collegiate players. With limited roster opportunities, it is a privilege to play in the league. The Valley League has produced well over 1,000 professional baseball players, and in any current season, there will be 20-40 VBL alumni playing in the major leagues.

Much like the college recruiting process, our coaches and GMs decide who plays on each team. With Major League Baseball’s support, it is also each team’s responsibility to make sure signed players are potential professional prospects. The Valley League’s role in player recruitment is to help get information to our teams about players and to ensure eligibility by managing the necessary paperwork.

The Valley League fields inquiries about recruitment leading up to the summer season. For the best opportunity, have your college coach contact a team prior to October 1 (earlier if possible) before the summer you want to play, with information about your playing ability, including recent stats, 60-yard-dash times, pop-time, arm strength, or any other pertinent information.

If a VBL coach/GM is interested and has a roster spot available, you will be contacted. If you don’t hear from one of the teams in a timely manner, they likely do not have a roster spot available.

There is a $300 League Registration Fee payable to the team to which the player has contracted.

Thank you for your interest in the Valley League!